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A giant has asked you to help him remember his name. Dive down into the pits of your new friend as Dr. Smalls to gather the missing letters of his name, but watch out for viruses lurking around every corner.


  • 3 Unique areas to explore
  • Custom music and sound effects
  • Over 50 different rooms
  • Increasing Difficulty
  • Text Dialogue from the Giant
  • ZX Spectrum Graphics

About The Developers

As our third project in our Game Prototyping class, we had about a month and a half to prototype a full 2d game for our final project. Our professor had us choose at random from a select group of old consoles.

Our newly formed group pulled out the ZX Spectrum. Yeah we didn’t know what it was either. Forget what you know about 80’s nostalgia. The ZED X spectrum was a British console from the 1980’s with popular games such as Dizzy - The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure. Our goal was to create a game with the same resolution and color codes as the old console. The specky had a total of 8 colors, and only two could be overlapped at one time, so don’t complain about our art.

We pulled a console out of a hat and pulled a game out of our ass. But don’t worry, Dr. Small’s never goes near there.

Programmer/Level Designer

   Adam Stropkey

Music Production

   Brandon Curtin


   Taja Emmanus


   Oce Burden

Level Concept Designer

   Easton Figueroa

Install instructions

Just extract the .zip file and run the .exe!


GiantDoctor(1.1).zip 2 MB

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